Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It's My Birthday and I Fear the Rapture is Upon Us

These two things are in no way related.

I swear.

So. Why do I fear that End Times are near? Well, this evening, when I went to feed Maui the Fish his daily food pellets, he was missing from his bowl.

Missing. Gone. Disappeared.

And, before you tell me that there is some reasonable explanation for his disappearance-such as, oh, the cats got him, or some such nonsense-let me assure you that the position of his bowl on the bookcase makes it virtually impossible for a cat to reach him, let alone fish him (no pun intended) out of his bowl and eat him without leaving some trace. In all honestly, the bowl would have had to have moved, at least a bit, and, there would have been splashing.

So. Rapture.

Prepare yourselves.

I am personally happy to have spent the last 49 years on this lovely planet, with the lovely people to whom I am related whether by blood, marriage, friendship, or circumstance; they made this birthday enjoyable and memorable. And, if I am caught up in the rapture prior to seeing it through to my 50th year, well, at least I know I'll go with good company.

It'll also be nice to see Maui again.

Totally gratuitous photo of my first birthday; I still have that sock monkey in my possession, he resides on the rocking chair in my guest room. Or, at least he did the last time I looked. It probably wouldn't hurt to look again, what with how things are going missing around here.

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    A - Happy Birthday youngster!

    B - We've had a fish actually jump out of a bowl. Had no cats or dogs at the time, so all we found was a dead fish on the floor one morning.