Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Funk

Remember that item on my Winter Bucket List about trying to hate winter less this year? People, I did so well! For, like, all of December and January, I did a great job of not bitching, moaning, or generally shaking my fist at the sky and cursing Mother Nature for the long, dreary, dark days and endless stretches of gloom. Instead, I kept to my exercise routine, continued to eat well, got out in the fresh air as often as possible, and genuinely embraced the season.

Then came February.

February is my winter Kryptonite; it drains my super powers like nobody's business, and, this year has been no exception. February brought the first snow storms of the year to Petticoat Junction, and, because Mother Nature and Father Winter are assholes, it looks like there will be another blizzard tomorrow, just as I'm preparing to drive over high mountain passes to reach The Girls and our first Girl's Weekend in two years.

I am less than pleased.

Not surprised, oh, hell, no. As I said, February.

(The only good thing to come out of February was Queen B's birth back in 1996; celebrating her birthday is always the highlight of the month. )

Damn you, February.

Damn you.

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