Saturday, February 03, 2018

Goal for the Day: Not To Leave the House

Lately, I feel like I have been running almost as non-stop as I did when I had kids in the house; this is not what the twilight of my life was supposed to entail.

And, yes, I realize that I am not exactly in the twilight of my life, but, certainly I am in the twilight of my youth.

And, I digress.

Anyhoodle, my goal for today is to catch up on the items on my hobby list that-with the exception of hitting the gym- do not require me to leave the house. I don't even plan to go to the hardware store; there will be plenty of time to deal with new payroll scales and unpaid bills, tomorrow.

Instead, I'm going to try to get back into a scrapbooking groove, starting with the most recent events and working backwards, since, if I even contemplate picking up where I last left off, I will probably quit in despair before I even get started.

And, speaking of recent events, these two gorgeous kids got engaged yesterday!

So, now I get to decoupage the version of the family portrait that includes him. Ha!

Joking aside, I am very happy for my niece. Also, I am incredibly excited for them to eventually start a family, because, her new fiance hails from a large and established family who, much like our family, reliably passes its' genetic makeup along to each new generation. And, by that, I mean; they all look alike. In the valley where I grew up, you can pick them out of a crowd and know that they belong to the clan, even if you don't know exactly how. It will be quite interesting to see if their genes can overcome the genes from my Grandma Molly's side of our tree, which, for generations, have dominated the appearances of the offspring.

Oooh! Speaking of ancestors and genetics; since I got back my DNA results, I have really gotten into the whole family tree thing on . It's been both interesting and frustrating; interesting because I have discovered that, not only did my Great Grandpa Sam spin a yarn about that whole "being Cherokee" thing, but, he also spent three years in Huntsville prison for bootlegging. Frustrating because, I'm thinking Grandpa Sam may have had a teensy problem with honesty. Also, I have encountered roadblocks at every turn when attempting to trace his parentage, which, leads me to question whether or not the last name he used (and, gave to all of us) was even his real last name. Obviously, this proves problematic when trying to trace one's roots.

I'll soldier on.

Now, I'm off to evaluate my scrapbooking supplies and to start organizing my "work" for the day. I really hope I have everything I need; it would suck to miss my goal of not leaving the house just because I ran out of glitter paper.

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