Monday, February 05, 2018

Weekend Update: Met My Goal!

(Apparently, my honor student can neither spell, nor, correctly punctuate a sentence. Head. Desk)

Y'all, I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday, except to go to the gym, which, if you'll recall, was exactly how I wanted Saturday to go down.

Instead of gallivanting all over town, I actually accomplished several things on my mental : "To Do List", including organizing my scrapbooking room...

...finally stowing my lenses and other camera gear in the awesome case that Queen B got me for Christmas (this thing holds a ton!)...

...making a little something for Mama Jill's birthday next month (I even tracked Kenz down for his autograph)...

...packing up the Man-Cub's February care package; details to follow once the Cub has the package in hand (so as not to spoil the surprises in the event that he actually takes time out of his busy hiking/surfing/swimming/school schedule to read his old mother's blog)...

...and cleaning out my vast purse and costume jewelry collection, bagging items for a yard sale later this summer (don't I say that, like, every year?).

I also cleaned a little and made my favorite mock Caprese pasta salad, which I enjoyed with a cool glass of Pinot Grigio once I got back from the gym, where I finished off my steps for the day.

Speaking of the gym, on Friday, I finally had my first consultation with the personal trainer; we are now scheduled to meet once a week for a month, starting on the 16th. She's a little scary. But, in a good way. She was hella-complimentary about my (now 30 pound!) weight loss, and seems to think that she can get me into bikini shape in no time. We shall see.

Although, I went to Mama Jill's LulaRo pop-up shop on Sunday and I purchased a dress in size XS, which I never thought could happen, so... you never know.

And, that's how I spent my weekend.

I should totally make an effort to schedule at least one home bound day into my week, every week.

Highly, highly recommended.

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! That's awesome about the trainer! Good luck!