Friday, February 02, 2018

Friday Favorites: Projects and Such

I mentioned a while back that I had refinished the old table that used to sit in the dining room where the new white buffet now sits. At the time, I said I would follow up with pictures; obviously that never happened.

I recently moved the table into the foyer, with the intention of getting it out of the way (it had been sitting in the mud room, where it was rapidly becoming a place upon which to stack random shit. I have enough shit laying around, I certainly don't need another place to stack it), now, however, I have rather fallen in love with the way it looks there.

Once the spring finally rolls around, I may reconsider and put it on the porch as originally planned,  or, I may not, after all; if I do that, where will I put the enormous family picture that I mounted on a wooden pallet?

Speaking of which, this project was a favorite because it recalled my decoupage roots, at my grandmother's dining room table, where we would apply pictures cut from greeting cards onto pieces of wood that my grandfather had cut for us. Sometimes, grandpa would burn the edges of the wood for that decidedly 70's era look, and, if she was feeling really artsy, grandma would burn the edges of our pictures for us before we slathered them with the Mod Podge.

Good times.

Anyway, I used that old technique on the family portrait, and, I was pretty damn pleased with the results.

Speaking of things that please me (this is a Favorites post, after all), Queen B has to complete a project for one of her business classes; the project she chose is a $10 start-up company challenge, which, basically means that she has ten bucks and a dream, which she must somehow turn into a profit and reality. She has decided to start a furniture flipping business, wherein she will take a junked out piece of furniture and transform it into something beautiful and useful (sound familiar?), and, she wants me to help her! I am so excited! Three of my favorite things-junkin', Queen B, and restoration projects-all together! This is going to be epic.

Mark my words.

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