Saturday, September 22, 2018

Another Day, Another Care Package

Tomorrow is the Man-Cub's 20th birthday.




This means I will officially have no more teenagers in my care. I am...well, I am equal parts proud of my parenting accomplishment and bummed at the speed in which my children matured. I'm fairly confident that this is the appropriate emotional dichotomy for a parent to find oneself in at this point in life, so, I'm rolling with it.

Anyhoodle, a birthday means a birthday celebration, and, since we can't be there with the Cub (oh, but don't I wish), I took some time to put together a birthday celebration box that he should (fingers crossed) receive today.

In the box:

Oreo Cookies: Birthday Cake Flavor
Fiber One Bars: Birthday Cake Flavor
Little Debbie Birthday Cakes
Cookie Crisp Cereal: Birthday Cake Flavor (are you sensing a theme here?)
Funfetti Cake Mix
Funfetti Frosting
2 Square cake pans (gotta have something to bake that cake in)
Birthday Candles
*Not pictured: Awesome musical birthday cards and a little bit of birthday cash.

I sprinkled the box liberally (and, by liberally, I mean EXCESSIVELY) with birthday confetti and tucked a birthday pop-up centerpiece into the box, so, it should be quite an explosive celebration when he opens it.

This makes three boxes so far this month (I'm relatively confident that I am the only one counting), which, could give the appearance of me favoring the Cub, but, I feel like I spoil Queen B equally, given her close proximity to me and the fact that she can go grocery shopping in my pantry and freezer anytime she's home.

And, speaking of Queen B, I am off to Neighboring City to join her and Katie on a Girl's Day Out. We have pedicures and barn sales and wineries on the agenda and I can't wait!

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