Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Fall 2018 Bucket List

Disclaimer: this is not going to be a terribly ambitious list.

I will not be striving to host a yard sale, take an exotic vacation, train for a marathon, or draft a comprehensive plan for World Peace. Instead, I am going to focus on things that are reasonable, attainable, and, ultimately, enjoyable.

1. Take a bicycle tour of the wineries outside of Neighboring City. As you know, I spent some time at Queen B's winery this summer, and, now I am looking forward to expanding the experience. I am going to gather a small group of friends, hop on Lulu (my bike. Yes, she has a name), and enjoy a leisurely tour of the vineyards.

2. Girl's Weekend. I have it on good authority that at least one of my Girls is in need of a new purse (Jules, I am looking at you), as am I. This means one thing: We need to grab Phoebe and Tee, fly to Phoenix, grab Reece, and hit the Coach outlet (and, the Michael Kors outlet, because Phoebe and Tee prefer MK and they could always use new purses as well. Am I right? I'm right). This needs to happen.

3. Transition the porch to fall decor, and, set up our annual Halloween lawn display. I have quite the plan for the display this year and I know that the neighborhood children are going to go wild for it.

4. Harvest my garden (crossing my fingers that there are actual sweet potatoes hiding under all those vines). Try my hand at brining and roasting my own sunflower seeds. Figure out what the hell I am going to do with all that damn yellow zucchini as well as the twenty-or-so butternut squashes currently ripening on their vines.

5. Break out of my exercise rut; add at least one new activity to my usual treadmill routine. Take my walks back out to the park once the weather becomes cooler.

6. Continue my streak as an awesome care package packer (awkward sentence structure much?). I am already plotting the themes and content for the next three boxes that will go to the Man-Cub and his roommates.

7. Live in the moment. Enjoy quality time with family and friends, host at least one more Porch Night, count my Thanksgiving blessings, spend as much time in nature as possible, and remember that it is the little things that make up the Big Things.

That's it. No grand plans, no stressful goals to achieve. This may be my favorite list of all time.

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