Saturday, September 15, 2018

Meanwhile, Back on the Ranch...

I spent the last three days traveling back and forth to Denver for a meeting for Day Job. Wait, I'm home now, so I guess that would be forth and back? Right? No matter; I'm home now.

While I was gone, the garden went into serious bug mode, and, I arrived home to find an aphid invasion on the Brussels sprouts from which I am not certain we will recover. I dosed the plants liberally with neem oil, and now we'll wait and see; it certainly would be a bummer to lose the sprouts this close to harvest.

Speaking of harvest, it's time again to cut more sunflowers and to pick ripe tomatoes; I intend to get to that later today. I also need to do a deep cleaning of the house, which means I need to brave the unwashed masses at the Hellmouth to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. I have noticed that the introduction of a dog (and his hair) back into the household has presented somewhat of a challenge to Rosie Jetson and Alice Nelson (the downstairs and upstairs maids, respectively; and, by maids, I mean the Roombas), and our old vacuum was never quite the same after I used it to vacuum the porch, so, a replacement is required if I am to assist in the eradication of The Hair (yes, I just capitalized that; trust me, it is warranted. So. MUCH. Hair.).

I do intend to retain the old vacuum specifically for use on the porch, however (I literally just felt Hugh roll his eyes).

Also on tap for today:

Decorating the house for fall. I meant to get to this last week, after I transitioned the porch decor, but, I got busy editing the Rodeo Princess's wedding pictures (still not done! THOUSANDS of pictures to work through, y'all!). I did manage to change one of my chalkboards though, and, I'm ridiculously proud of the finished product.

Washing and storing all six of my hummingbird feeders-the birds have flown south for the winter and it's time to replace the feeders with seed feeders for the next migration of birds (Side note: yep, still the crazy neighborhood Bird Lady).

Grocery shopping; we are out of almost everything of importance (coffee, cat food, dog know, the essentials).

Take Boomer to the park.

Hit the treadmill for a run; I had the best of intentions regarding my exercise during my business trip; I packed my running shoes and made sure to book a room at a hotel with a fitness center, but, the siren call of a hotel room all to myself was too hard to resist and instead of running, I spent two nights noshing on snacks while watching Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. I suck a little. #sorrynotsorry.

Make a triple batch of cheddar zucchini biscuits for freezing (yep, my cup still runneth over with the freaking yellow zucchini).

And, that's it for today. Tomorrow, I need to spend the majority of the day at the hardware store, catching up on all of my bookkeeping duties. My life, it is so exciting! Do try not to be jealous (I totally just felt you rolling your eyes at that).

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