Friday, September 07, 2018

Friday Favorites: Random Things Edition

Since it's been a while again...

- I spent the better part of this afternoon climbing up and down the attic ladder, pulling out my fall decorations, after which, I transitioned the porch decor from summer to autumn. I added a few new items, including an adorable pillow, a new barn wood sign, and an antique Coke crate that my aunt picked up for me at an antique shop in New Mexico. I'm loving how it all came together.

- I haven't started the house decorations yet-I'm saving that chore for tomorrow-but, I am burning fall-scented candles in the house, you know, just to set the mood. I found my new favorite scents in Target's Dollar Spot section; not only do they smell amazing, but, they're cute as hell.

I bought several of each scent and I have been gifting them to people left and right. Just because.

- Speaking of gifts, isn't the bouquet that my mom sent to Hugh and me for our anniversary earlier this week just gorgeous? It's a favorite, for sure.

- Another cool thing that was given to me recently was this picture from the Rodeo Princess's wedding...'s fun to see myself in action.

- It's also fun to have a cool way to share the pictures that I took that day with the bride and groom, and, thanks to some usb drives that I ordered on Amazon (along with some cheap labels and a little bit of ingenuity), I totally do.

And, that's about it for this week's (Ha! As if I manage this on a weekly basis!) edition of Friday Favorites.

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