Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September Care Package(es)

I may have gotten a bit carried away with this month's package for the Cub, like, so carried away that it required two boxes. In my defense, the largest fixed-cost shipping box that the USPS offers is woefully inadequate for even the most conservative college care package.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway, the contents of the box(es) followed a breakfast theme, because, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Pop Tarts, three varieties
Hostess Coffee Cakes
Entenman'sPowdered Sugar Donut Holes
Little Debbie's Chocolate Donuts
Coffee grounds
Coffee Filters-French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
Cereal, assorted flavors in individual packages
Pre-Cooked, shelf-stable bacon*
Pancake Mix
Log Cabin Syrup
Smoked Bacon flavored Maple Syrup**
Hostess Fruit Pies, apple flavor
Kodiak Power Cake***
Starbucks and Safeway Gift Cards
Fall scented candles

The Cub and his roommates got the packages yesterday and they wasted no time in opening them and sampling the goods, during which they updated me via both Snapchat and Facetime. It's always good to see them in the virtual flesh and I am confident that they are neither starving nor living in filth.

Thank goodness for modern technology.

*The Cub actually called me a third time to ask if I was sure that the bacon was ok to eat, since it had traveled in the mail for two days. It took me a solid five minutes to assure him that the pre-cooked, vacuum packed bacon would not poison him. Because, yes, son; I require that you send me daily Proof of Life, but, would encourage you to eat something that will cause you to die of ptomaine poisoning.

**This syrup was an experiment-I've never tried it but thought that it looked interesting. Results were mixed: the Cub said it was disgusting, one roommate liked it, and the third wasn't home to try it, which, makes her the tie-breaker. I anxiously await her review.

***The microwavable "pancake on the go" was also an experiment, and, according to the Cub, it was easy enough to make and tasted "ok". Not great, but, good enough to grab and eat on the way to school, which, was my intention, so, win!

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