Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Kicking the (Summer 2018) Bucket (List)

So, a funny thing happened this weekend, while we were enjoying the Rodeo Princess's wedding festivities; August turned into September. That means we are officially in the fall season! Which, obviously means a Fall Bucket List, but, before I can get to the new list, I need to check back on my Summer list, just to see how I did (Spoiler: Not well).

1. Lake Time. Oh, good lord in heaven, how poorly we did on this goal. I mean, the Sea Chelle is still sitting on blocks in my driveway; it's a slightly-less-redneck version of the Beverly Hillbillies all up in my 'hood. I may as well chalk this up as a total loss.

2. Throw the best damn bridal shower that Mayberry has ever seen. Well, I hate to toot my own horn, but, nailed it!

3. Take the best wedding photos, evah. And, again, I hate to brag, but, in this case, I totally will. The Rodeo Princess's photos turned out great! Granted, I was working with beautiful people in a gorgeous setting, which, made it less of a challenge and more like shooting fish in a barrel, but, still.

4. Yard sale. Excuse me for a moment while I laugh until I cry.....and, we're good. Yeah, this goal is probably never going to happen (sorry, Hugh).

5. Take a trip somewhere. Again, never happened. I mean, it did, but, not really. I drove to Mayberry on three separate occasions, but, that doesn't really count. Definitely shelving this one for another time.

6. Spend quality, memory-making time with family and friends. We had a huge family wedding, how could I possibly screw this one up? I couldn't, that's how. Plus, I had at least one Porch Night every month, so, it was a really great summer as far as being with loved ones goes.

7. Get the Man-Cub back to Hawaii without losing my shit (I'm para-phrasing). I did surprisingly well at this; I discovered a previously unknown part of my psyche wherein I was able to escape fretting over how the Cub would manage moving into his own place, signing a lease, setting up his financial aid, etc., etc.. It was a beautiful thing, and, since the Cub is rocking it in Hawaii, I guess there really wasn't any need for fretting to begin with.

8. Keep on keeping on with my daily exercise and clean diet. Happily, another check in the win column!

9. Go cherry picking with Jana. Done, and done! Can't wait to do it again next year!

10. Wine tour with family and/or friends. People? After listing this damn goal on ever summer and fall bucket list that I have made in the last three years, I can finally say that I succeeded. No, that's an understatement, I exceeded! I visited the winery with Mom and my sister as well as visiting with Jana. Twice! In one summer! Finally, I can check this one off my lists (Ha! As, if! I'm hooked, now; wine tours are going to be on my list until the end of time!).

And, that's it for Summer 2018. Time for a new list!

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