Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Favorites: Tis the Season to be Jolly

With only four days to go, we are in the Christmas homestretch. I still have some gifts to purchase as well as some last-minute stocking stuffers to pick up, but, for the most part, I am ready for the holiday.

Not surprisingly, most of this week's favorites are holiday-related, including the accessories my car is currently rocking...

...I'm a huge fan of ridiculously twee holiday cheer, I mean, clearly. Also, there is a tail. A reindeer tail on my Tahoe; it doesn't get more twee than that.

I'm also really loving these Jim Shore Santa figurines that I found on Amazon.

Since having my DNA tested last year, I have embraced both my Scottish and Irish heritage (mostly through liberal applications of Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee and Scottish tartan plaid in my house), so, when I saw the figurines, I knew they were meant to be mine. I adore Jim Shore designs (my nativity set is also by Jim Shore) and am now planning to purchase the German Santa next Christmas (gotta cover all my genealogical bases. Also, SpellCheck just tried to convince me to change genealogical to gynecological, and, no, SpellCheck,

This Christmas ornament is a current favorite, despite the fact that I have owned it for at least ten years. Earlier this season, however, when Queen B and I were decorating the tree, I took a closer look at it, and, while I always knew that it played a holiday message each time you turned the dial, I did not realize that there were actually 25 different messages, and, that they count down the days until Christmas, like an audio advent calendar. Each message is done like a radio advertisement, weather report, interview with Santa or his elves, etc. It's totally cute and I can't believe that it's taken me this long to figure it out.

I'm also really happy with this month's chalkboard design, and, will probably leave it up through the winter, since it's not exactly Christmas-specific.

Also not Christmas-specific, but, a current favorite nonetheless, is having the Man-Cub back under my roof, despite the fact that he is gone more often than he is home (I'm not taking it personally; he's a popular kid).

Also, the child needs a haircut, just sayin'.

Perhaps my favorite thing this week, though, is the knowledge that this girl is done with college and moving on into the real world...

...I'm so stinkin' proud!

And, I'm going to wrap this up because, I am running to Neighboring City to take her on one last Christmas shopping excursion (see above: First paragraph of this post).Time with my girl is always a favorite.

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