Sunday, December 23, 2018

Let There Be Lights!

Last night, the Man-Cub agreed to accompany me to the Hooterville Botanical Garden's annual Garden of Lights event. I very much appreciated his company; it required a huge effort on his part, given the low temperature and the fact that his body is still acclimated to the tropics and none of his winter gear fits him anymore ( he had another two-inch growth spurt over the past semester and now stands at 6' 2").

He shivered in silence, bless his heart; not a complaint out of him.

And, yes, it was hella chilly. Luckily, it was also an experience that required no more than twenty minutes of our time, so, we made it out with fingers and toes intact and a few pictures to commemorate our adventure.

Then, we hit up my favorite liquor store for something with which to warm our bones (well, my bones, the Cub is still underage and perfectly content with hot cocoa) before heading back home with a take-out bag of Mexican food.

We soooo know how to party.

But, I'd eat stale crackers in a landfill with this kid if it was the only way to spend time with him.

And, that's a fact.

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