Monday, December 03, 2018

Three Days In and I'm Already Over It

It snowed again last night, luckily for me; Hugh was home and able to shovel this morning. Not so luckily for me; it is snowing again right now, and, Hugh's back on the road.

Any guesses as to who will be shoveling tomorrow?

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, AAAAARGGGG!

On a happier note, the wintry weather has provided the perfect backdrop for photo shoots, including the one that Queen B and Katie spontaneously conducted earlier today...

...they are so cute, it kills me.

I'm thrilled to see them enjoying the snow and the cute cold-weather accessories that go along with it. Also, I'm calling it right now: they both inherited my photo talent. And, no, it makes no difference that Katie doesn't share DNA with me; she's still got it.

Also, I am convinced that there will never be a photo shoot wherein my daughter doesn't act like a complete goon.

She gets that from her father.

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