Friday, December 07, 2018

I'm Not Competitive, I'm Not Competitive I'm Not...

Yeah, ok, I'm a little bit competitive. Case in point: this year's entry into the company Christmas door decorating contest. I had every intention of including my office mates in the planning and execution of the door, but, when the newest one went AWOL (ok, she had permission) and the other one indicated no real interest in participating, I had no choice but to forge ahead. And, I'm glad I did; I really think I have a chance at reclaiming my title as the best holiday door decorator in the building.

Although, there is just the tiniest chance that my door may prove too controversial for the judges.

Guess we'll see next Friday, when the corporate suits come down to judge the doors.

And, yes, I totally riffed off a picture from Pinterest.

But, for the record, I like my version better.

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