Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Life Lately

Hey there! It's been a hot minute since last I wrote! My only excuse, should I feel the need to make one (I don't), is, you know, life.

It's been busy! It's been awesome! The Man-Cub came home, and, as expected, his welcoming statement as he deplaned included an expletive about the weather. I was fully prepared for that, and, had a fully stocked cocoa bar awaiting his arrival back at the house (I've learned a thing or ten about my youngest child during his twenty years upon this planet).

Meanwhile, my first-born has been wrapping up the final requirements for her graduation on Friday; she's looking at straight A's for this last semester, which is a hell of a good way to go out. She also finally gave me permission to post the grad picture that we took late this fall, and, I'm super proud to do so:

She's worked so hard and come so far; I tear up just thinking about it.

Mom got here yesterday, and we are working on the last of the details for the party, plus I've been working at both the hardware store and Day Job, and, there has been Christmas shopping and wrapping to do, so, I'm a bit on the frazzled side.

It's a good frazzled, but, frazzled nonetheless.

Hence, the radio silence here on ye old blog. But, hey! Tune in next week, when I regale you with tales of a three-hour-long commencement ceremony and the hubabaloo that follows!

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