Sunday, January 27, 2019

A Discovery of My DNA

Hey, remember, last year, when Hugh bought me a DNA test from for Christmas? Remember how excited I was to learn that my Dad had been correct all those times that he claimed we decended from Scots and Irish?

Well, in the past year, I have been checking back in with the website, discovering new connections and adding to the family trees on both my mother's and father's sides. As expected, I was able to trace quite a number of generations back on Mom's tree, and, was not terribly surprised by the large number of shared DNA matches that linked me to her German Euorpean roots; we do come from a long line of Catholics, after all.

What has come as a surprise were the connections that I have been able to make on my Dad's side of my family tree, or, more specifically, to the side of the tree connecting his mother's people. The biggest surprise of all? Tracing the women in the family has led clear back to the Salem Witch Trials, during which, two women with whom I share DNA were hanged for practicing magic.

I know, right?


This goes miles in explaining my love for Halloween, don't you think? And, the best part? From now on, when I purchase new witch-themed decor', Hugh can't say a word! I'm embracing my ancestral rights to celebrate the pagan holidays (I'm going to get quite a bit of mileage out of that argument, just you watch)!

Anyhoodle, in keeping with my newfound genetic lineage, I recently finished reading this book...

...and am now looking forward to downloading the second book in the trilogy, because, of course the book is part of a trilogy; the number 3 is prevalent in the craft. In fact, The Rule of Three in wicca refers to the tenant that, anything you put out into the universe will return to you, threefold; it's like Karma...on steroids 

Also, Hugh is going to get realllly nervous about me knowing shit like that; he's always made off-cuff remarks about my intuition being scary-accurate, as it is.

I bet he won't come to regret purchasing that test at all.


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