Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Breaking Out of My Comfort Zone

Last night, Co-Worker Erin and I attended a candlelight yoga class at a fairly new studio in Hooterville. A what, you say? Candlelight? Yoga? How do those things even relate?

I know; I had the same questions when Erin approached me about joining her.

As it turns out, doing yoga in the dark is pretty enlightening.

See what I did there?


Anyhoodle, the class was, indeed, conducted in a darkened room, with only the glow of electric candles to light our way. And, while we were initially pretty nervous-neither of us being yoga experts by any stretch of the imagination-the instructor made us feel right at home, and, dare I say it: graceful.

My biggest concern, going into it, was that I would have some involuntary and embarrassing bodily function (lots of fruits and veggies in the diet equals increased carbon dioxide emissions, if you get my drift), while Erin's primary concern was that her left boob would go rogue, jumping out of her old, stretched-out sports bra.

Happily, neither of those scenarios occurred, although, come to think of it, in a darkened studio, who would have seen an errant boob? And, if I had ripped a loud one, it could have easily been blamed on my neighbor and no one would be the wiser.

So, my take-aways from the class:

 One: Apparently our emotions are stored in our hips (who knew?).

 Two: I am a lot bendier than I thought I was.

Three: Erin needs a new sports bra.

Four: I am definitely going back next week.

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