Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Long-Anticipated Return of Exercise-Induced Tourettes Syndrome

This past Tuesday, I again attended candlelight yoga, and, it is only just today that I can move without an uncontrollable stream of expletives erupting, unbidden, from my tongue.

I almost feel sorry for my office mates, but, then I remember that I declared our office an Expletive Safe Zone, and, the feeling goes away.

So, why so sore? Because the awesome, amazing, clearly masochistic yoga instructor introduced a new pose to our practice, something called Baby Grasshopper, which, requires one to basically levitate from the floor.

Think I'm kidding? Umm, no...

Come to find out, my levitation skills? Sub-par.

I am seriously reconsidering my dedication to this practice. Except, I just laid down cold hard cash for a membership to the yoga studio, so, unless I want to throw away good money, I guess I’ll be honing up on my levitation skills.

Or, strengthening my arms, legs, and core, and gaining the balance required to nail The Grasshopper.

Levitation actually sounds more attainable.

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  1. There is a pro golfer, Camilo Villegas, of Columbia, who does a pose similar to this when he's trying to figure out how a ball might break on a putting green. Didn't know he was stealing a yoga pose!