Tuesday, January 01, 2019

And So It Begins

Last night we welcomed 2019 in with a bang! Ok, not really; I'm getting too old to bang. But! I stayed up long enough to watch the ball drop, and, that's a feat of endurance that I haven't managed since 2016, so; I consider it my first major accomplishment of the new year.

How did I manage it, you ask? Well, Hugh, the Cub, and I joined Jana and Chris at Carmen's new house. We haven't seen Carmen and her family in ages, and, it was really nice to reconnect with them. In addition to toasting to their new house and the new year, we celebrated the recent engagement of their daughter, Johnna, to our Darren; he put a ring on it a couple of days before Christmas and they are now planning an August wedding, which they have asked me to photograph. We could not be more happy for them.

Although...when did this chick and I get old enough to have kids who are old enough to be getting hitched?

Mind boggling.

Anyhoodle, the evening was a loud, raucous affair, complete with card games, good food, laughter, and pomegranate bellinis (I am one or two bottles away from finishing off the case of champagne I bought for Queen B's graduation!). Hugh, Chris, and Carmen's husband, John lounged about in pajamas, which has become a tradition for us anytime we do actually manage to hang out; I'm not sure what that says about our level of class, but, at least the guys were comfy.

I didn't take a lot of pictures (I was doing good just to stay awake, remember?), but, I took enough to remember the evening by.

And, now it's time to put some thought into my goals for 2019. Whatever they end up being, I know I'll succeed; after all, I started the year off right:

Stay up past midnight on New Year's Eve....CHECK!

Happy 2019, folks! Let's have a fucking fantastic year!

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