Monday, January 07, 2019

The Winter Blues

I don't remember getting a single snowfall last year (it probably happened, but, was minimal enough not to register in my memory banks), which is one of the reasons that Colorado experienced drought conditions this past summer.

Happily (for the farmers, ranchers, boaters, etc.), we have already entertained two large snowstorms so far this year. And, happily (for me), Hugh has been home to shovel for each of them.

And, by shovel, I obviously mean use the snowblower. And, guess who loves the heck out of a good snow blowing? If your answer was Boomer, then you would be correct.


With the end of the holidays, Hugh will return to his officiating gig, which means he will be out of town a lot again. So, there is a very real possibility that I will be shoveling again at some point. Or, I could learn how to use the damn snowblower, which would probably be a dream come true for the dog.

Easier on me, too, truth be told.

Winter. Bleh.

Only three more months, only three more months, only three more months...

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