Friday, January 11, 2019

Birds Do It, Pregnant Women Do It, and, Now, I'm Gonna Do It

I just survived my first full work week since 2018! This shouldn't feel like huge accomplishment, but, there it is; over-achiever, I am not.

But, enough about work; we now stand at the thresh hold to the weekend! I don't have major plans for the next two days, but, instead, plan to practice some grade-A nesting. To that end, I have purchased a new duvet for my bed, an oil diffuser and some relaxing essential oils, plus the ingredients for homemade chicken noodle soup and a bottle of good wine. I've got Shameless and The Ranch queued up on Netflix, a couple of new books downloaded to my Kindle, and some muscle-relaxing Epsom salts ready to sprinkle in the bathtub.

I may never leave the house.

Except to hit the gym (the Countdown to Hawaii stands at 51 days).

Oh, and to do some bookkeeping at the hardware store, lest I forget that I have a weekend job on top of Day Job.

Not thinking about that right now...

...cozy nesting, here I come.

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