Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Favorites, Because, Apparently, That's All I Have Time For Anymore

Not kidding, I'm busy; busy working, busy coming up with excuses not to work, busy working out, busy coming up with excuses not to work get the picture. In my defense, it is summer, and, if you can't be semi-lazy during the summer, when can you be?

So, here's a semi-lazy post containing many pictures and few words; it strikes a nice balance, no?

Number One: The roses currently blooming in my yard. It's been a great year for the roses! Every bush I have is fully loaded, or, in the process of budding out, with the promise of a full bloom just around the corner.

Lady in Red

 Rock and Roll

Miss All American Beauty


 Fragrant Plum

 Marilyn Monroe


Number Two: My new iPod Touch (my old one finally died, following a slow, agonizing decline...RIP, Trusty Old Touch, rest in peace...) and the awesome bluetooth earbuds that I got to go with it.

Number Three: Dark Chocolate Himalayan Salted Almonds. Oh. Em. Gee! These things are ah-maaayzing! I get them at Target, and, they are almost always out of stock, so, when I see them, I grab every bag on the shelf (why, yes, I do realize that I am contributing to the stocking issue, thank you for pointing that out). They are the closest thing to sweets that I allow myself since I gave up sugar almost two years ago (well, except for honey, I still use honey), and, you know, almonds are really good for you.

Number Four: Adorable babies and their gorgeous mommies. I had a "Mommy and Me" session earlier this evening and I am just starting the editing process, but, I am already in love with the photos.

Number Five: I don't have any photos of it, but, Queen B is at a country music festival and, if her texts are an accurate depiction, she is having an awesome time. That's a favorite because I am a happy Momma when my babies are happy.

Number Six: I finally got around to doing a summer design on my kitchen chalkboard, and, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

That's it for this week's favorites. Tomorrow, I am headed to Mayberry to watch as my great-niece is baptized; I'm sure that will feature as a favorite somewhere down the line, assuming I'm not too lazy to write about it.

I'm not making any promises.

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