Wednesday, June 05, 2019

My May Bucket List and All the Reasons I Sucked at It

Oh, friends, why must it be so hard for me to actually accomplish a goal? Why???

Le sigh.

I debated even reviewing May's list, because, let's be honest, I already knew that I had sucked at completing the items. But, if you can't admit your failings on your own blog, where can you? Am I right? Sadly, yes; I'm right.


1. Have a yard sale. Kill me. Just kill me, now.

2. Set up a backdrop and practice using the lighting system Hugh bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Fail.

3. Multiple Porch Nights. FAIL! I totally blame Mother Nature for this one, because, I was ready! The porch was ready! My friends were more than ready! We just didn't feel like freezing to death. Who could blame us? Now, I do have Porch Night scheduled for tomorrow, so, God willing and the creek don't rise, we will be sipping Sangrias by six (Let's not get too cocky, because, seriously, the creek could rise; Mother Nature continues to be a bitch this year).

4. Master one new yoga pose. Ok, I didn't master anything new, but, I didn't hurt myself trying, so...I'm gonna give myself some grace on this one

5. Figure out a Girls Weekend. The Girls and I did chat about this, and, we tentatively chose Napa, after having watched Wine Country on Netflix. I have, since then, researched the trip, and, can I just say; Napa is bullshit-level expensive. Like, Jeebus Crackers! I spent less for a VRBO on Maui for seven days than Napa wants for a weekend. That's just crazy making. Needless to say, I will advocate for us choosing another city from our lengthy bucket list (Nashville, perhaps?).

6.  Eat a salad every day. Bleh. I nailed this one. I am now so over salads, I could puke. Success?

7. Do something fun with the kids. Well, Queen B and I have certainly managed this one; together, we've done brunch at the winery and a biking picnic that was amazing. As for the Cub, I've attended two of his baseball games, but, we haven't done anything, just the two of us. I need to work on that one.

So. That's the status report on the most recent list of my failings. I really need to either step it up with these things or stop doing the damn lists.

Since I am currently giving serious thought to this month's list; I guess I'll go with the former. Tune in later today, when I post said List of Imminent Failure.

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