Sunday, June 30, 2019

This Week on Biiiiig Brother!

I recapped my first impressions of the house guests on Tuesday, but I didn't mention my impression of the house, itself, and, can I just say; I'm really diggin' the summer camp theme this year. It's a cool change from some of the past themes, and, I'm really intrigued by what they will come up with for the Have Nots.

Anyhoodle, Tuesday night, Dudley Do Right was elected Camp Director, and, on Wednesday, his first duty was to choose four house guests for immediate-temporary-eviction; three of the banished house guests would be returning, following a competition, while the fourth was permanently evicted.

Dudley chose David, Jessica, Boss Hogg, and Kemi (I TOLD you the reformed-but not really- Mean Girl thing wouldn't fly!).

The competition involved the four house guests crawling through a tree-trunk obstacle course in the dark, in search of the one secret entrance back into the house; the first three guests to find their way back earned the right to return to the house, and, as I said above; the fourth house guest was permanently booted.

Surprise, surprise, Boss Hogg was the first to emerge from the course, followed by Kemi, Jessica, and, finally, David. Whomp-whomp; bye, David! We hardly knew ya.

But, wait a often does the very first person eliminated NOT get another shot? NEVER, that's how often; ten bucks says David will be back before the season is out.

Then, we finally got to see Tommy and Christie squee over the fact that they were practically related by marriage because Christie dated Tommy's cousin for, like, eight years. Let's see how long they can keep that under wraps.

Meanwhile, an alliance quickly formed between Dudley, FauxAquaman, Holly, Christie, Isabella, and Nick.

The first Head of Household competition (endurance competition featuring contestant duos hanging on suspended tree trunks while being spun, sprayed with paint, and blown about by giant fans) resulted in a win for Christie, and, the Alliance of Six, by association.

Tonight, Ovi awkwardly sucked up to Christie while Kathryn and Analyse moped around in their room; Kat put a target on her back by claiming that she had some sort of mind control over Dudley, who, the house is calling Mickie, in order to differentiate between him and FauxAquaman, FYI, and, who said, in no uncertain terms, that he would not be controlled. Plus, the Alliance of Six reached out to Analyse and Tommy, making it an Alliance of eight, which, would have been great had Nick not run his mouth in the middle of the night, alerting Ovi to the possibility that people in the house were already working together. Seriously? And he calls himself a Super Fan? Come on, Ovi!

Meanwhile, with her sights firmly on Kat as Nominee #1, Christie approached Boss Hogg, blubbering through a conversation about putting him on the block as a pawn, which, Boss knows what happens to the pawns, soooo, he was understandably underwhelmed by her crocodile tears.

The house guests are introduced to this season's big twist, which is a new "Wacktivity" competition that will earn someone a special power, TBD. The Wacktivities are broken into three competitions and the house guests blindly signed up, not knowing when their competition would be scheduled to take place-this week, next week, or, the week after.

This week's competitors, were Nicole, Kat, Boss Hogg, Ovi, Isabella, and, they had the pleasure of sniffing three trash cans, and then identifying the scent by matching it to the same, labeled scent, out in the yard. The scents included bobcat urine, rancid Gorgonzola cheese, decaying mushrooms, rotted fish, bad beef, etc. It was about as pleasant as it sounds, I'm sure. And, in the end, Ovi was triumphant, doing a silent victory dance, complete with fist pumping and kisses thrown to heaven. His superpower is the Nightmare Power, which gives him the power to, I don't know, give someone a nightmare and then replace a nominee? I wasn't paying attention, sooo.

Immediately upon winning the Nightmare Power, Ovi stupidly attempts to form an alliance with the Alliance of Eight, not knowing that...there's an Alliance of Eight. Then, he crows about forming the first alliance of the season, after he overheard that whole conversation of Nick's, which...poor Ovi. He really is that dumb.

Elsewhere in the house, Kemi insults Christie via a conversation with FauxAquaman, placing her squarely in Christie's sights, so, will Boss Hogg be spared?

Not so fast.

Nomination Ceremony ends with Boss Hogg and Kat on the block, as expected.

So, one week in and I'm not completely bored! If they keep this up, I just might make it through the whole season. I am cautiously optimistic, y'all!

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