Saturday, September 07, 2019

I Feel Like I'm Living Inside an Episode of Hoarders, But at Least My Porch is Pretty

The Great Purge of 2019 continues unabated at Casa de Chelle. Thus far, we have de-cluttered both attics, my closet, and Queen B's old bedroom, including the closet, which led to an impromptu trying on of old prom dresses, which led inexplicably to Queen B trying on my wedding dress, which was unearthed from the depths of the inside attic (not to be confused with the garage attic; what? you don't have plural attics?).

Hugh's entire side of the garage is entirely filled with items for the yard sale, and, bags and boxes have started to accumulate in the mudroom and upper landing of the staircase. I'm seriously considering just lighting a match and walking away, but, at this point, am too tired and sore to actually strike the match.

On the bright side, and, as alluded to in the title of this post, my porch is looking good. I decorated for fall, utilizing a color pallete previously unknown to me, and, I love, love, love the results. Now, when I am feeling especially overwhelmed by the clutter littering every surface of my home, I can retire to the porch for a brief respite.

Or, I can just throw my hands in the air and jump on the first plane out of town.

Actually, that's totally happening tomorrow, anyway. Not because I'm giving up the Yard Sale Ghost, but because I am heading to Baltimore for work, where I will spend three days in a hotel, with nary a pile of clutter in sight. I never thought I would be so looking forward to a work trip.

Or, to coming home to a nice, clean porch.

T-Minus seven days and counting, until The Purge is a fait accompli and I get my house back, hopefully with a few additional dollars in my pocket. Hell, for all this trouble, there better be more than a few.

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