Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Is It Too Late To Talk About the Weekend?

Sooo, Tuesday, huh. Where the hell did Monday go? Oh, that's right; I worked through it, funny how this adulting thing works and all.

Anyhoodle, this past weekend also went by in a blur. Hugh and I traveled over the mountain to watch one of Queen B's college friends get married. The ceremony took place in an absolutely gorgeous venue, just outside of the bride's hometown, and, on the way back on Sunday, we stopped off at an historical site to check out the old coal coke ovens, which are in the process of being preserved, along with a memorial to all of the miners who lost their lives in the mines located throughout the area.

The drive was beautiful the wedding was lovely, and, we got to spend some time with Queen B, which is always a pleasure. I can think of far worse ways to spend a weekend.

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