Monday, September 23, 2019


Today is the Man-Cub's 21st birthday.


How in the hell has this happened? How has my squishy baby boy gone from diapers to shot glasses this quickly? Time, man, it's a bitch.

But, enough complaining; it's time to celebrate! And, friends, there is so much to celebrate about this young man! He's smart, he's funny, he's kind and caring and joyful and sensitive and, sometimes-quite grumpy and easily irritated. He's complex, is what I'm saying.

He's also genuine, loyal, adventurous (oh, Lord! the adventures he posts on Snapchat are enough to turn this mama's hair gray...), and willing to try anything (again, oh, Lord!).

He's going to be a great adult; I have no doubt. He'll join his sister and the rest of his generation in changing the world; hopefully for the better, and, when the time is right, he'll make an absolutely amazing husband and father. But, for today, he will celebrate in style, no doubt.

Happy birthday, Cub! We love you and could not be more proud of you!

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