Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Go Until You Get it Right, Then Keep Going Until You Can't Get it Wrong

That's a Monica Aldama quote from the first season of Cheer and  it's playing on repeat in my head because it's the only thing keeping me from walking away from New Job and never looking back (well, that and the fact that I have no other options for employment at the moment; yay, Covid economy).

To make a long story (700 pages, front and back long, to be exact) short...

Actual application, no shit organization failed to pass the accreditation process that I have been working on since I started the job back in February, which, coincidentally, was the first time I heard the above-mentioned quote. 

We failed by one element of one standard. 

I do have a short grace period in which to remedy the one element before we are no longer eligible for funding, and of course I already have a plan to do so, but, fuck. I am so over this.

On the bright side (remember the days when I started with the bright side?), my team presented me with these flowers earlier this week, in honor of Boss's Day. Having never been a boss, I had no idea such as thing existed. I was duly humbled.

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  1. I will now stop bitching about the 300 - 400 page reports I get to do. Sheesh!