Thursday, October 22, 2020

Halloween Care Package 2020: This May Be My Finest Work, Yet

 If you read here regularly, you know that I make it a goal to send a care package to the Man-Cub each month, and, each month has a different, seasonally appropriate, theme.

October is always my favorite month because the theme is so completely obvious, I mean, duh, Halloween, amiright?

I'm right. But, simply throwing together a Halloween themed box would be way too basic for my super-duper overachieving self (yes, I am That Mom), so while containing Halloween items, each October box has had a sub-theme. One year it was Zombie Apocalypse. Last year, when the Cub turned 21, the theme was Please Drink Responsibly, because, nothing is scarier than an intoxicated 21 year old on Halloween. 

This year, the Cub's girlfriend is flying out to spend Halloween with him, so, the theme needed to revolve around fun things that the two of them can do together at home (Hawaii is still pretty locked down, as far as nightlife goes). So, what's in the box?

-Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix and Maple Syrup, so they can make breakfast together.

-Monster Sugar Cookie Mix, so they can bake cookies together.

-Caramel, so they can dip apples together.

-Halloween shaped pasta, so they can cook dinner together.

-A Pumpkin Carving Kit, so they carve make a Jack-o-Lantern together. 

-Ghost window coverings, so they can decorate for the Trick-or-Treaters, assuming they get any.

-DVDs, both a 4-movie set of classic horror movies and the 2 movie set of Steven King's It

-Popcorn, Movie Theater Butter Spray, Popcorn seasoning

-Movie candy, Halloween themed.

-Homemade roasted pumpkin seeds, from our Jack-o-Lanterns

-A set of Halloween print face masks, for when they go shopping for the ingredients they will need for the cookies, pasta sauce, the apples for dipping, and the pumpkin for carving.

-A mind reading game that takes 2-4 players, in case the Cub's roommates want to play along.

I decorated the box in a haunted house theme, which, was cute.....

...and topped it off with the most amazing squishy mice (found them at the local Halloween pop-up shop in Hooterville), plus a little something that mice would leave behind.

And, yes, those are chocolate sprinkles. Genius!

Anyhoodle, the box went in the mail on Monday, The Girlfriend is on a plane as I type this, and; I wait with eager anticipation for them to Facetime me tomorrow when they get the package and open it together.

And, by eager anticipation, I mean wicked glee. 

But, seriously! Squishy mice!

UPDATE: The kids did Facetime me while opening the package, so I got to see the expression on their faces when they saw the (now totally squished) mice. The first thing the Cub said was "Did you do this?", indicating the faux mouse droppings. Why, no, son; the rubber mice pooped chocolate sprinkles.

We've paid for three and a half years of college for this kid. I'm a little worried.

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