Saturday, October 24, 2020

Welcome to the Freak Show

When I originally envisioned this year's Halloween yard display, I thought that the perfect title would be Carn-Evil, but; 2020 has more than taken care of the evil for this year, so, instead, I'm calling it Welcome to the Freak Show.

Apropos, no?

Hugh knocked this year's build out of the ballpark! I asked for acrobats on a flying trapeze and he totally delivered!

I wanted a tightrope for my tightrope walker and her pink parasol, and, he made it happen.

I envisioned a lion tamer, sword swallower, strongman and bicycle-riding clowns, and, again, he came through for me.

He even built an entire ticket booth out of wood from pallets he had stacked up at the hardware store (post on that project coming soon), and, it lights up!

I rounded out our design with a "big top" tent on the porch that houses the bearded lady and fortune teller, as well as a concession barker.

The display required a LOT of ropes and rebar and stakes in the ground, which, I attempted to Photoshop out for the daytime pictures. They are a lot easier to see in the nighttime photos because, I am no Photoshop genius.

I think we nailed every detail of a circus, complete with side show freaks. And, like I said earlier, the theme fits the year quite well. Plus, every skeleton is practicing appropriate social distancing.

I did draw the line at masks, though.

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