Sunday, October 25, 2020

Halloween Home Tour 2020

 Yesterday, I posted my Halloween yard decorations, so, today, I am posting my indoor decorations. Wouldn't want any of my decorations to feel left out, ya know.

My intention was to not get too crazy this year, but, if ever there was a year to get crazy, 2020 would be it. So, I busted out the decorations before September was even over and I haven't looked back.

Zero regrets.

Anyhoodle, on to the tour.

I switched up things in the dining room this year by displaying my Dept. 56 pieces. They are from the Snow Village Halloween series and I have collected a few pieces over the years. I don't display them every year, but, thought that they would look good on the wine buffet this year.

As usual, I decorated the dining room table with the witch's cauldron that I made a few years ago (that's about a million years in 2020 years).

The front entryway is decorated with the usual witchy items that I have used the past several years..

...and, the living room and kitchen decorations include some old favorites...

I switched up the fireplace mantel again this year and it may be my favorite, yet.

And, I displayed the majority of the foam pumpkins that Hugh has carved for the kids on the top of the entertainment center. Why it never occurred to do that in years past, I will never know; it's the perfect size for displaying a large number of them all together.

And that's it for the 2020 tour, but, we aren't done with Halloween decorating just yet;  we are hosting a costume party on Halloween night, so, entertainment pieces that I haven't used in several years will be making an appearance. I can't wait!

And before you ask; yes, I do realize that I might have a slight problem. Hey, if Halloween hoarding is the worst of my bad habits, I consider myself fairly healthy.

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