Saturday, October 10, 2020

And, Now For the Other 50%

I don't want to leave that downer of a post up for even one more day (it's been up this long because October at New Job is kicking my ass, as predicted). So, in keeping with my 50/50 policy, here is something happier.

Every year, the Methodist church in Hooterville lines their steps with pumpkins. It's one of their biggest fundraisers for the year, and, generally, they do quite well. In years past, I was able to walk across the street to see the pumpkins, as the church is located across the street from Old Day Job.

This year, the visit to the church required a bit more of a walk- a block and a half, to be exact. I didn't mind; it was a beautiful day and I needed a little break from grant writing, reports, fire extinguishing, etc. 

The weather was perfect, the trees were gorgeous, and, I made a quick stop at the Little Free Library along the way. I didn't find anything I wanted to read, but it did remind me that I have a number of books that I can donate to the cause; I'll have to remember them next week.

Anyway, it was a nice little break, and, a good reminder that I used to take helpful little mental health breaks during the day. I really need to get better about doing that regularly at New Job. Hopefully, this autumn will stretch on and on and on, giving me the motivation to do just that.

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