Wednesday, October 14, 2020


 Not much! What's up with you? Enjoying the weather? In my neck of the woods, it finally got the message that it is fall, which, translates to cooler nights, crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and mild evenings, so, layers, jackets, and comfy blankets are in rotation for the duration.

The only blight on the otherwise perfect weather we've been enjoying was the freak wind storm that blew through Petticoat Junction on Sunday, taking several items from my Halloween skeleton display with it. Luckily, Hugh and I were able to save the majority of the display before it got too trashed and we will be repairing and reconstructing this weekend. I would blame 2020 for the damage, but, honestly, the display suffers at least one weather-related calamity every year, so, it would be unfair to give 2020 the credit (I would hate for it to go to 2020's head; already such a friggin' primadonna).

I'll be taking pictures of the display once we get it repaired and will eventually get around to posting them here, along with pictures of the indoor decorations because tradition (middle finger to you, 2020).

In other news, I met Anthony and Bethany at the park last week for a quick family session. Cooper was in full-on toddler mode and was having none of it. I had to get pretty creative in my cajoling, but we ended up with some pretty stellar shots.

I love my side hustle.

As for the job that keeps the lights on; October is kicking my ass (as predicted). I am, however, getting better at setting and defending my personal boundaries, so, I am not bringing work home with me.

File that little gem under Minor Victories.

Anyway, that's wa 'sup.

'Sup wit you?

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