Friday, February 05, 2021

Hello Friday, It's Nice to See You Again

 I'm feeling slightly better following my neck issues from earlier this week. I still get an occasional spasm, and I'm sore and stiff, but at least I can function normally. For the most part.

Being able to function normally is going to come in handy this weekend, because Queen B and I are headed out of town for a baby shower. Queen B's college friend is expecting a baby girl who, will carry Queen B's name as her middle name. Queen B is going to be the baby's godmother and she is really excited.

Queen B is also really excited about her upcoming move to Texas. She has been packing, down-sizing, and cleaning for the past few weeks and the house is ready for listing with our real estate agent. Our fingers are crossed for a quick sale. And, you know, for a full-price offer.

If we get a decent amount for the house, we plan to pay off Hugh's truck and a good chunk of the principal on our house mortgage. We have no real debt, otherwise, and, it would be nice to contemplate finding a less stressful job without worrying about replicating my current salary.

Speaking of which, my first year anniversary at New Job was on the third. I'm planning on writing a post about how the past year has affected me, but, even the thought of revisiting my earliest days on the jobs gives me anxiety, so, maybe not. We'll see. As an aside, I suppose it's now time to stop calling it New Job and come up with a new descriptive; possible contenders include The Shitshow and Trauma Central. 

On a much happier note, The Lesbians have asked me to stand up with them at their wedding! I'm going to be the Best Woman! I am so happy for the girls and consider it an absolute honor to share in their day.

I ordered my dress online and was nervous about it arriving on time, fitting, looking as nice as it did in the pictures, etc., etc., but, all the worry was for naught; the dress is perfect. I may need to lose a pound or five in order to look good in it, but, that's more a vanity project than a necessity.

Anyhoodle, that's about it for this post. The weekend cometh and I am here for it!

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