Sunday, February 21, 2021

Party On Wayne, Party On Garth

Last night, we surprised Queen B and the Rodeo Princess with a going away party. It was a joint effort between myself, Mikey, and Mia, who is one of the girls' good friends, and, the fact that we pulled it off was an incredible feat, to be sure. Both girls have elevated spidey-senses for when they are being kept in the dark and we were convinced, at every turn, that they had found us out. Happily, that was not the case!

The cover story for the party was a simple game night; something that this group of friends gets together for often. We organized the event using Facebook, and, were pleased with the number of folks who turned out, including one of the girls' friends from Mayberry, who made the drive up and rented a hotel room just to be part of the event.

Sadly, Hugh was out of town on a wrestling assignment that he had accepted well before we knew the girls would be moving, so he was unable to join us. The Man-Cub, however, despite being thousands of miles away, joined by FaceTime. He was also represented by his girlfriend, who has become a friend of the girls as well. In fact, she's become a regular part of the family, and, was the one who drove to the party with me.

Since Queen B's birthday is this coming Wednesday, Mia and Mikey made sure to have cupcakes with candles for her to blow out after we sang the birthday song.

This little group of friends will miss the girls, but, I have a feeling they will all stay in touch and that they will have many future opportunities to gather in celebration of the events that life provides. I'm just happy that I got a chance to celebrate with them all last night, and, while I'm going to miss my girls; I'm comforted by the amount of love that they will be taking with them when they go.

They leave this coming Saturday. Have I mentioned that? A couple hundred times, perhaps? 

Look out, Texas!  

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