Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Make Time For Wellness or You'll be Forced to Take Time For Illness

Fine advice, and, some that I give out frequently. Unfortunately, not some that I heed myself, which, is why I am blogging from my bed today.

I have been having some back and neck pain recently and, last night, it morphed into full-on neck spasms that leave the right side of my body paralyzed. It hurts like a sumbitch and I'm sure I look like a stroke victim each time it happens.

I have to assume that my current issues are a result of spending the past month hunched over a computer, entering 2020 into QuickBooks, editing wedding pictures, and writing grant reports. Combine that with too much time on the couch and too little time in the gym, plus a weight gain that stresses my small frame, and, you have a recipe for disaster, apparently.

It's a wake-up call, for sure. Ironically, yesterday, mere hours before the first spasm left me gasping for air in my office; I purchased a month-long membership at the local yoga studio. The membership is for unlimited virtual classes and I was looking forward to starting last night. 


With any luck, I will feel well enough to attempt a class tonight. Hence, working from bed, alternating between using a heating pad and an ice pack on my neck. Since we have an adjustable mattress, I am able to elevate my head and feet, which is taking all of the strain off my neck and shoulders, and, I'll try to get some sleep, since the pain and spasms kept me up a lot last night.

All of this could have been avoided, I know. Lord, help me learn to take my own advice, please and thank you.

And, yes, that is a Christmas tree outside my bedroom door. The lower third of the tree suddenly went out right before we were going to take it down and Hugh hasn't had time to fix it yet. Least of my worries, folks. Least of my worries.

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