Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

 Petticoat Junction, Hooterville, and Pixler all got hit with a mild snowstorm Monday night, which isn't unusual for Colorado, unlike the mess that Mother Nature is visiting upon Texas and other parts of the South right now (prayers to everyone affected).

When I went in to work, I expected to have to do some shoveling, salting, and other snow removal duties. What I didn't expect was that  I would be assaulted by the view from my office window, which, overlooks the roof of the porch on the main level of the building.

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor, for sure; especially given what I do for a living. So, of course we couldn't let a phallic symbol hang out on the roof indefinitely, which, is why one of my staff members crawled out my window, onto the roof, to remove the offending object.

But, what does one do with a pornographic ice sculpture? I haven't decided yet. In the meanwhile, it's chillin' in the freezer. 

Because, of course it is.

There's not enough therapy in the world, folks. Not nearly enough.

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