Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Twenty Plus Five Equals One Old Momma

But this isn't about me; this is about the fact that my first-born just turned a quarter of a century old, which, of course, means that I am, indeed, old, but, that is neither here nor there.


So, yes; twenty-five years ago, I gave birth to Queen B, who, has become the most amazing, loving, kind, quick-tempered, feisty, sarcastic, woman I know. She's strong, smart, genuine, and full of life, and, our lives would be so bleak without her.

This weekend, she will fly farther from the nest than she has ever roosted, and, while I have my motherly concerns; I am extremely excited for her and for what the future holds. And, while I know that I say this every year; I simply cannot believe how fast time has flown.

Make every minute count, folks! And, happy birthday, baby girl!

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