Tuesday, March 02, 2021

FabFitFun Spring 2021 Edition

 I have been a FabFitFun customer since 2018. After I received my very first box, I upgraded to an annual subscription; that’s how impressed I was with the company. Unfortunately, The Year That Shall Not be Named just about killed my love for the Triple F.

Every seasonal box that I received in that God-forsaken year arrived late, damaged, with contents in complete disarray, and, on one occasion, missing a couple of items. I originally blamed Covid, since; Covid appeared to be at fault for every other bad thing happening in our world, but, as the year wore on, it became clear that the blame belonged on FFF.

I almost cancelled my subscription, but decided to give it one more chance, and thankfully; the first box of 2021 is much improved.

The box arrived undamaged and the contents were packaged well, if not as attractively as they used to be (there used to be color-coordinated tissue paper encircling the contents, secured with a cute sticker).

The contents included things that will actually prove quite useful, including a cleansing bar and cleansing pads…

…a mesh market bag, for grocery shopping or tooling around the Farmer’s Market…

…a daily planner that doesn’t come with dates, so it can be used at any point in the year…

…a cute sunhat…

…brightening serum…

…and a fancy watch

Of course, there were a few items that are less useful (for me, at least), including a discount coupon for Hello Fresh (this is a standard item in the boxes; I don’t think I’ve ever received one that didn’t contain this coupon), a sheet of stickers (what am I, twelve?) and a rather interesting cup (again, am I twelve?).

Because I am an annual member, I also get a chance to purchase add-ons to my box, and this season I chose another product by Kate Somerville. It’s a moisturizer with retinol and vitamin C. I am a huge fan of Kate Somerville products and FFF delivers a great discount, which means I can actually afford them.

So, all in all, this season’s offerings were on point. If the summer box is as good; I will revisit my intention to cancel.

Well done, FabFitFun. Well done.

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