Monday, March 01, 2021

What Comes Next

I wrote the following back in 2014, the day after we dropped Queen B off at college for the first time. The sentiment that I expressed then quite accurately described how I felt about that particular milestone. Suffice it to say; it's also apropos for our current situation:

I'm still not ready to write about the experience of leaving my daughter at college, but I'm getting there. Right now, her absence in the house is a lot like a lost tooth; you wiggle that thing for what seems like ages until it is finally ready to fall out. When it does, there is a sense of relief and accomplishment, but, that doesn't stop your tongue from absently probing the space where the tooth used to be. You know that a new tooth will quickly grow in to fill the space, but, until that happens, you have to live with the tenderness and the empty hole. That's how I feel about my firstborn leaving home. I'm proud of the growth, I embrace the transformation, but I'm still probing the tender spot.


Where to go from here? What do I do now that neither of my offspring reside in the state of their birth? If you just answered "Travel to see them", you would be correct. I'm already planning my first trip to Texas to see the girls, as well as a trip to Hawaii later this year, to watch the Man-Cub graduate. Then, once this Covid-crazy world is somewhat back to normal (fingers crossed, but, not holding my breath); Queen B and I will finally take that trip to Greece that we have been planning since her college graduation.

In the meanwhile, I hope to get myself back into the shape that I was in when we initially started planning that trip. That alone will occupy a significant portion of my time, I'm sure.

I also plan to throw myself into projects. What those projects look like, exactly, is a mystery. Stay tuned? I guess?

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