Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Favorites, In No Particular Order

I felt pretty good this this week, whether that's due to the spring-like weather we have been having, a change in my hormones, or just general good luck, I do not know, but; I'll take it.

It started off on Monday, with the 90 minute massage that I mentioned in my last post; massages are always a favorite.

Then, on Tuesday night, I got to meet up with Phoebe and Jules at a basketball game that Phoebe's daughter was playing in; the game was against the Petticoat Junction team, which, made me feel just a wee bit traitorous, but, well worth the shame to see a couple of my Girls.

Speaking of The Girls; I just ordered the freakin' cutest mugs for us all...

....I can't wait until our next Girl's Weekend to give them to them (along with the hats I had made for Girls Weekend 2020: The Weekend That Wasn't).

In other news, we mailed care packages to the kids last week and were treated to the following email exchange the day they received them:

I love those kids of ours; they are so darn easy to please.

The Man-Cub is currently in heaven, due to the fact that he is dog-sitting for a friend. He will have this sweetie for a little over a month and he is beyond thrilled. Knowing he is this happy is a definite favorite.

The girls are doing well in Texas, and, in yet another example of the universe sending me messages to assure me that things are unfolding as they are meant to; I recently met with a new doctor and, while chatting, discovered that she is from the same area that the girls just moved to. This is the third time that I have had this kind of interaction with someone since Queen B started talking about moving. I get it, Universe. I get it.

When Jules and I were at Hobby Lobby last weekend, I purchased this cute little silicone egg poacher. It allows me to cook eggs to various levels of hardness, which is super handy. I used it recently for my breakfast sandwich and it worked out perfectly. I think I'm going to attempt a hollandaise sauce this weekend and will use this little guy to make a classic poached egg for Eggs Benedict (my most favorite of all breakfasts).

I logged six-out-of-seven days at the gym this week and I am two weeks into my sugar detox. I actually feel more myself than I have in a really, really long time. I also had a period, which hasn't happened in months and months. I have no doubt the two are connected; my hormones truly do dictate my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This is unfortunate since I currently have zero control over them. Anyhoodle; feeling good (for now).

Last, but not least, I got this pallet while Jules and I were at Ulta last weekend and I am loving the soft, springtime pastels. They would look amazing with a tan, but, a girl can't have everything (until summer; a girl can totally have everything in the summer).


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