Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Easter Bunny Made Some Early Deliveries

Easter is still a couple of weeks away, but I pulled the trigger on the kids' care packages early so that they have the supplies they need in order to dye eggs. It's a family tradition that I want to see continued even when we can't all be together to do it. Plus, I love putting together the packages for the kids and I was too excited to wait to show off my latest finds.

So, what was in the boxes?

For the Man-Cub, I leaned heavily into the candy; he likes a lot of sweets in his Easter basket. I also sent a few fun things, including a Lego kit, a mini Simon Says game, and, a slime egg from which he'll have to extract dinosaur parts with which to create a mini relic from the Jurassic period.

Queen B and the Rodeo Princess got slightly less candy and more fun things including a large puzzle, two mini puzzles, two mini Forget-Me-Not growing kits, and a candy necklace making kit.

Both boxes included a mini egg maker and the ingredients necessary to make my Mom's deviled egg recipe, including the recipe, written in her handwriting. They also got a egg dying kit and plastic tongs for dipping the eggs, plus a few plastic eggs filled with money.

Both boxes were finished off with plastic Easter grass that smells like jelly beans (coolest find ever) and a specially created bunny butt, to decorate the box.

It was one of my finest care package efforts and the kids were more than pleased, as evidenced by the text messages thanking me. And, the social media post by Queen B.

I love these kids of mine and wish that we could be together for the holiday, but, since we can't; this was a fun Plan B.

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