Monday, March 08, 2021

Recently, In Self-Care

I took today off to continue the self-care marathon that I started on Friday afternoon. I have yet to take a significant chunk of time off since starting New Job so these small breaks go a long way in keeping me sane.

Friday morning, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long, long while; the number that greeted me is not one that I have ever seen before, like, ever. Not even when I was incubating a small human in my uterus. The shock that I felt at seeing that number has provided more than sufficient motivation to pull myself together, finally, and; the opportunity to start picking up the pieces with a three-and-a-half-day weekend was serendipitous, to be sure.

So, I started with a nice long walk in the park with Boomer Dog, followed by a jog on the treadmill at the gym. Once I got home, I cleaned the fridge out, showing absolutely no mercy to any item that could provide a temptation. I gave up sugar for Lent, so I was already a week and a half into my detox, which made tossing the sweet stuff that much easier. Then, I made a huge salad and gave myself a facial. Because, why not? My face has been almost as neglected as my ass.

Saturday morning, I drove to Neighboring City to meet Jules for some window shopping at a big furniture store; our living room furniture is fifteen years old and in need of replacement (mainly due to the Chelle-shaped divot that has been dug out of my side of the couch). Jules is in a new phase of her life and will also be in need of new furnishings for a new place, so, we had a good time debating the merits of recliners, built-in heat and massage features, and engaging in the leather vs fabric debate. It was fun; time with friends is so important to my mental health (how could I have forgotten this?).

Afterwards, we grabbed a healthy lunch at a local chain (gotta love the menus that include nutrition information so you can make informed decisions) and then hit Hobby Lobby, Ulta, and Sam's Club.

For the first time in over a year, I didn't leave Hobby Lobby empty handed! I actually found some inspiration in the home decor and kitchen aisles! It was a Pandemic miracle! I also scored the new Urban Decay Wild West pallet at Ulta, which is awesome since I had been debating ordering it from the Urban Decay website and was concerned about not liking the colors once it arrived.

Not to worry; the colors are AMAZING!

I also put a bit of a dent into my bank account at Sam's, but, the money was spent mainly on healthy staples, including lean meats, veggies, and nutritious snacks (plus a couple of bottles of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc because Sam's now sells wine! Who knew?).  I also bought a pair of exercise leggings that have pockets on the sides so I can more easily carry my phone with me when I walk in the park.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, for the win!

Speaking of which, as soon as I got home and unloaded my purchases; I grabbed Boomer Dog and we headed back to the park for another walk. He is totally living his best life right now, y'all.

After the walk, I dropped Booms back at the house and went to the gym for another jog on the treadmill followed by a good stretching session. When I got home, I had another healthy dinner and was in bed by 9:00 (Hugh was out of town on assignment and didn't get home until late).

New running shoes!

It tasted better than it looks, I swear!

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, in a lot of ways. After finishing my duties at the hardware store, I took Hugh and Boomer back to the park; I wanted Hugh to see the condition the park is in so he can bring it up at this week's Town Council meeting. He was just as dismayed by the condition of things as I am, and is going to ask the town finance director to look into grants specifically for upgrades for the park. Fingers crossed, because it is too great a community asset to be allowed to fall into ruin.

Today, I had a 90 minute massage that helped take the edge off the soreness that I am experiencing from all the walking I have done over the past week, and, now I am ready to eat a healthy dinner and possibly take a soak in the tub. Tomorrow starts another busy workweek for me, but, thanks to all the time that I spent on myself this weekend; I think I am mentally ready to tackle it.

Self-care for the win.

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