Saturday, March 06, 2021

Take Me Back. Please

Two years ago today, we were on the lush tropical island of Maui, enjoying the beach, snorkeling, driving the road to Hana, whale watching and engaging in general vacation merriment.

This was the view from our condo on the beach...

Since my view lately has consisted of the street outside my office window, this makes me a wee bit melancholy; no one should go two years between vacations.

Anyhoodle, yesterday I took the afternoon off to use a meager amount of my copious PTO. I didn't have anything special planned; I just needed some downtime. Now, would I have enjoyed spending my downtime on a beach? Absolutely. What did I do instead? I went for a walk. In the park. With the dog.

That's not my ideal form of relaxation, but, I have to admit it beat working.

The day was quite lovely. The temperature was in the high 50's, which, may not sound terribly warm, but, with the Colorado sunshine, it was more than comfortable. Boomer dog was thrilled, of course; he doesn't get out with me as much as he used to.

We took a lap around the community park where I used to spend a lot of time walking the trails. I haven't been there in well over a year, and, was disappointed to see the condition it is in. There was apparently an issue with the sprinkler system and large portions of the grassy areas are dug up while work is being done. The ponds and marshy area have been burned for weed control, which, while completely necessary, looks like crap. And, the trails haven't been groomed in what looks like quite some time.

I really should make a formal complaint to the Town Councilmen. I wonder how to get a hold of them?  Oh, that's right; I live with one. Hugh is going to get an earful when he gets back from his latest officiating assignment.

On the bright side, once they get the water back on, and, once the reeds grow back around the ponds and marsh, the park will be reborn. I'm making it a goal to bear witness to it's rebirth because I really, really need to get my ass on the trails more often. I am also in need of a spring rebirth.

Or, you know, a Hawaiian vacation would work, too.

Just sayin'.

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