Monday, September 06, 2021

The One Without a Title

Happy Labor Day! I think that's especially important to say to all you folks out there who continue to show up at your jobs everyday, despite being understaffed, over-worked, and unappreciated by asshole customers who fail to take any of these things into consideration before complaining about slower than normal service, supply issues that make it virtually impossible to stock certain items/ingredients, and other issues completely out of your control.

Y'all deserve a huge raise and a nice vacation.

I am technically off today, but, have already fielded a call and anticipate several more. I also took a call yesterday, so, my long holiday weekend is pretty much shot. However, on Saturday, Hugh and I did get to celebrate our 28th anniversary, undisturbed. 

How did we celebrate? We took the drive up to the popular ski town just south of us. Hugh had made reservations at the nicest restaurant on the top of the mountain. We rode the gondola up, walked around the ski village for awhile, and then enjoyed a delicious meal, served by one of those hardworking folks that I mentioned earlier in this post.

It was a nice way to spend the day and we have the pictures to prove it.

All dressed up and ready to go..

The view from the gondola...

 Touring the ski village...

The restaurant is located at the top of the mountain, has amazing views, and awesome ambiance...

And the food is amazing! The restaurant features a three-course prix fixe menu which includes dessert. Bread and butter sprinkled with sea salt are served first, and we enjoyed it with both sparkling water and adult beverages...

...followed by an optional appetizer. We chose the marinated olive selection and goat-stuffed peppadew peppers wrapped in prosciutto (heaven in every bite, not even kidding)

My choice of salad was the heirloom tomato and burrata, which was so good; Hugh sent back his Cesar salad and ordered one for himself (he claimed the lettuce in his salad was bitter but we all know he was jealous).

My entree was mushroom risotto, which, was not really the best risotto that I have ever eaten. It was a bit gluey and the mushroom flavor did not really shine through. That didn't stop me from eating it, but it was a bit disappointing.

Dessert was New York cheesecake, which made up for the blandness of my entree. Our server added candles to our plates in celebration of our anniversary, which was a thoughtful touch.

After dinner, we rode the gondola back down the mountain and made the drive home. As I said earlier; it was a nice way to celebrate. And, we made certain to tip, really, really well.

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