Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Ms Congeniality Dot Com: Sharing Nonsense on the Internets Since 2006

I hit Publish on the first post of this blog on September 1, 2006, so, I could say that I have been blogging for fifteen years, but, that is not 100% accurate; I actually started a blog several years earlier, on a long-since shuttered blog forum, the name of which I won't divulge (if you know, you know, fellow Old Skool Bloggers).

Blogging has certainly changed in the past decade-and-a-half. It started out with Mommy Blogging, wherein the unspoken requirement was that every character in your blog be known by a twee pseudonym such as Dear Hubby, Sweet Daughter, etc., etc. 

Mommy Blogging eventually evolved into Lifestyle Blogging, which quickly morphed into the world of The Influencer, which, is where it currently stands; with most bloggers linking every small detail of their lives for monetization. 

If that's your jam, good for you; I'm more of a hold-out for the OG.

This blog is a time capsule of our family; every so often, I hit the Random Post button and transport myself back in time. Usually I am reminded of something I had completely forgotten, and, more often than not, it is a pleasant memory. So, I'll keep chugging along on this platform for as long as I can.

Old skool style.

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