Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dear Diary, So Much Has Happened Since Last I Wrote

Anyone else start-and abandon-a new diary every year of their childhood? Just me then?

This blog has been the ultimate diary for me, and, I haven't once come close to abandoning it, despite the recent dearth of postings. I may not write every day, but I will always come back, eventually, and, here I am! So, what has transpired while I was not writing? Plenty, for which I offer the following as evidence:

Queen B took the next logical step in her transformation into a full-fledged Texan by attending the State Fair of Texas, where she dined on every manner of fried food and a giant turkey leg.

The Man-Cub recently sent me a link to purchase his graduation cap and gown. This makes the event seem so much more real, which, is funny considering that we made the final payment on the VRBO rental (the cost was roughly the combined equivalent of one of my kidneys and a portion of Hugh's liver), and, if pulling the trigger on that transfer didn't make it all real, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. $10,000 for a vacation rental? Sure, ok. $100 for a cap and gown? THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!!

In other news, Autumn has arrived in all her splendid glory and I am soaking in the cooler temperatures, riotous color, and autumnal scents, including the smell of wood smoke drifting from neighborhood chimneys in the evenings. I love it.

Hugh has entered his officiating season, so he is traveling every weekend this month, but, it is still my goal to get out, socially, more often. Last weekend, I hosted the Broomstick bash. This weekend, Jana invited me out to Granny's for wine and cheese; she and Chris have been trucking practically non-stop for the past few months so it was really nice to catch up. Next weekend, the Newlyweds and I are thinking about going apple picking in an orchard just outside of Pixler. I'm doing my best to reach my goal, clearly.

I am also on Day 10 of  not consuming refined sugar. The withdrawl headaches have been brutal, but I am determined to stick it out. I still kick myself for falling off the wagon following over two years of  being sugar-free (I blame Covid, Not So New Job, and Horror-mones; aka: The Trifecta of Suck). I am also six months into the BHRT (bio-identical hormones treatment Therapy), and, I have noticed a lot of improvement in several areas. That could be an entire post all on its' own (and it will be).

Mom is recovering from her brush with Covid. She will be on oxygen for several more weeks and will have to gain back her strength, but, all in all, she's doing well. We are all hopeful that she will be mostly back on her feet for our trip in December. On the off-chance that she isn't; we reserved her a wheelchair at the airport. Mikey has volunteered to push it because he loves Mom. Also, he knows that this will get him moved to the head of the line for boarding (clever boy).

Since it is October, I have pulled out all of my Halloween decorations, including the skeletons, which I will be sharing in a separate post (I mean, I've got all of October, right?). I also have a recipe for a kickass butternut squash rigatoni with Italian sausage that I want to share before the end of the month, so, I will have plenty of material to write about.

See Diary? You won't be abandoned.

(This year)

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