Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Favorites

Earlier this week, I was in the front yard readjusting my skeleton display when I glanced down and saw a lone Monarch butterfly resting in the grass. We had a sudden dip in temperature in Petticoat Junction the previous night and he must have been shocked by the cooler weather. Well, that and the fact that the time he should have migrated south has come and gone. 

Anyhoodle, I picked him up and relocated him to one of my trees, where I hope he was able to rest and gather enough energy to fly away home. 

The cheese counter at the market in Hooterville has been out of one of my favorite cheeses for ages. This week, they finally had it again! Ski Queen Creamy Caramel Cheese is an amazing goat cheese that literally tastes like caramel. When you combine it with a tart Granny Smith apple, it tastes just like a caramel apple. Only, with no sugar! It's amazing.

I had a hot stone massage on Monday and it managed to relax my leg muscles into compliance; I have had 50% less leg pain over the last few days. I got the massage at the spa that I have been getting my reflexology done; they are best known for the salt-water flotation therapy that they offer. I have yet to try a float at Soak, but I am intrigued.

Back to that sudden cold snap that I mentioned earlier; my roses, actually survived! I don't give them too much longer, but, their mid-fall bloom has been a sight to behold. This is of particular surprise considering the aggressive pruning that I had to give them early this spring.

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