Sunday, October 17, 2021

Til Death Do Us Part

It's mid-October, which seems like the perfect time to unveil this year's Halloween skeleton display. It's been up-partially-since the beginning of the month, but I just put the final touches on it yesterday. The display is a lot less extra than in previous years, but, I think that adds to its' charm

Also, when the weather turns to absolute crap, which, will happen any day now; I won't have to freeze my ass off for longer than it takes to undress a few bodies and wrap up a few cords. That's a solid win.

Anyhoodle, without further adieu, I bring you Until Death Do Us Part: A Story Told in Three Acts

Act One: The Proposal

Act Two: Vegas or Bust

Act Three: Buying the Farm

One interesting factoid: in Act Two, the bridesmaid is wearing the dress that I actually wore to a good friend's wedding in 1988. Peach was the in color that year and bows were all the rage. The dress lasted in a box under my mom's bed for approximately 31 years longer than the marriage lasted. My friend would totally approve of this use.

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